This spectacular emission nebula is part of the larger Cygnus Molecular Complex, including the regions LBN223, LBN234, LBN236and LBN240.

The image is composed of two panels combined in SHO Hubble palette for a total imaging time of 27 hours in narrowband filters (Ha 54×300, Oiii 54×300, Sii 54×300 – each panel)

Full resolution here

Processing details


  • Calibration, weighting, alignment, integration (drizzle integration vark 1.5), crop
  • Integer downsample x2
  • LinearFit Ha and Oiii maters to Sii
  • ImageSolver, MosaicByCoordinates, MergeMosaic


  • EzDecon
  • EzDenoise
  • HT stretch
  • Curves
  • LHE
  • EzStarReduction


  • ChannelCombination
  • HT stretch
  • EzStarReduction
  • LRGB combination with L
  • Curves and masks for color adjustments
  • EnhanceDarkStructures script


  • Enhanced saturation and contrast
  • Non linear noise reduction protecting stars
  • various curves, contrast and color adjustments with masks

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