Welcome to a fantastic photographic journey across the marvels of the universe!

Caprile Observatory is a small astronomical observatory located in the Appennine Mountain ridge of Tuscany, Italy.

Join me in a passionate discovery of the Deep Sky through the lens of my telescope. Check out the Gallery section for more astrophotography content!

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Sh2-187 emission nebula in Cassiopeia is a young star formation region surrounded by a wide region of molecular clouds and dark nebulas. The dark nebula LDN 1317 partially obscures the HII emission region. Total 19 Read more…

NGC 2403

NGC 2403 (Caldwell 7) is a bright spiral galaxy in the constellation Camelopardalis. The galaxy resembles the more popular M33 for its shape and numerous HII glowing star forming regions that glow in a reddish Read more…

M61 & Friends

M61, or NGC4303, is one of the many galaxies populating the Virgo Cluster. M61 is a barred spiral galaxy also known as “starburst” galaxy due to the intense rate of star formation, it is also Read more…

LDN1452 region: vdB13 and vdB16

LDN1452 is a vast dark molecular cloud between Aries and Taurus constellations. The two small reflection nebulas vdB13 and vdB13 are visible in the frame. Total 20 hours integration in LRGB High resolution here