Welcome to a fantastic photographic journey across the marvels of the universe!

Caprile Observatory is a small astronomical observatory located in the Appennine Mountain ridge of Tuscany, Italy.

Join me in a passionate discovery of the Deep Sky through the lens of my telescope. Check out the Gallery section for more astrophotography content!

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LBN 643 & Friends

LBN 643 or “The Helping Hand” , including the very faint dark (LDN 1357, LDN 1355, LDN 1358) and reflection (VdB 9, VdB 7) surrounding nebulae in Cassiopea. Total of 20 hours integration in LRGB, Read more…

NGC 7822

NGC 7822, also known as Sh2-171 is a vast emission region in the constellation Cepheus. A powerful region for new stars formation, which strong radiation ionizes the surrounding gas causing it to glow. Image is Read more…