A four panels mosaic of a very dense dust and reflection nebula region in the Taurus Molecular Cloud, including LBN 782, Barnard 10, Barnard 7, VdB 27, IC 359 and LDN 1495.

The center of the frame features the two dark nebulas Barnard 7 and Barnard 10 and the blue LBN 782 reflection nebula. To the left side the reflection nebula vdB 27. The galaxy IC 359 on the bottom right quadrant, is visible through the dust 186 million light years away!

This image is the result of 78hrs total integration time in LRGB (4 panels, 16hrs per panel, roughly 10:3:3:3 ratio). Post-processing proved to be quite challenging due to SNR and gradient differences between panels, despite the pretty much equal integration time.

One of my best shot of 2022 and my first processed image of 2023!

High resolution image is here (big)

B10 and LBN782

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