A region in the constellation Cygnus encompassing an area from the variable star Wr134 to the Sh2-101 “Tulip” nebula.

The intense radiation emitted by the very hot and massive variable Wolf-Rayet star collides with the surrounding nebulosity and produces a very distinctive faint bubble nebula that glows in the Oiii emission band.

Sh2-101 or Tulip nebula is dominating the bottom right corner, the bow shock wavefront produced by the strong Cygnus X-1 x-ray binary system can be observed next to it. Check this post for a SHO integration of the Tulip and surrounding area.

The area also includes the NGC6871 and NGC6883 open clusters.

Image composed of 4 panels mosaic in HOO for a total integration time of about 90 hours.

High resolution here (big)

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